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How To Sanitize Masks for Donation

Please note, the instructions are and materials are for personal and community use. These are not for a health care setting.

If you have access to a sanitizing cycle washing machine (HOT wash/detergent with bleach if possible/HOT dry), please clean and label as clean when packed for collection.

  1. If you do not have access to a sanitizing cycle washer, please handle finished masks with clean hands as for sewing and label the packed collection as not yet sanitized.

  2. The packaging you choose can vary depending on what you have available and the quantity of product. Wipe the inside of the packaging with a disinfecting wipe. The suitable choices are new zip-type plastic bags, clean plastic container with lid, new trash bag (non-scented) tied or taped closed.  

  3. Attach your donor information to the outside of the package – please print: 

    1. Name

    2. Email address

    3. Number of masks in the package

    4. Label 'Sanitized' or 'Not Yet Sanitized'

  4. Give yourself a hug – we are sorry we cannot yet do that!

For collection and questions, please contact

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